About cloudlogic

CloudLogic is a leading national consulting firm committed to helping clients develop, enhance and industrialize their services portfolio through IT Strategy, Cloud Enablement, Cloud Transformation, Cloud Cost Optimization, and Migration services.

Our team members are recognized innovators in the migration industry.

CloudLogic is not just another consulting firm, it is a way of doing business based on ethics, excellence and teamwork.  Our team includes professionals at all stages of their career and we provide an environment that fosters growth and innovation in a balanced and supportive atmosphere.   This approach allows us to enable our client’s success through a passionate focus on solving complex customer challenges and helping them exceed their goals.

Our Highlighted Solutions Include:

IT Strategy - Helping clients drive out costs and operate IT more efficiently through a four dimensional view of value, risk, impact and cost.

Cloud Enablement - Helping clients successfully adopt cloud in scale.  Build a Cloud Center of Excellence. Rationalize, leverage, promote and optimize cloud to become a differentiator in the enterprise portfolio.

Placement - A repeatable decision tree based process that measures and aligns business, technology and program requirements to determine an application’s transformation roadmap

Cloud Transformation
 - A proven set of tools and processes to minimize risk and improve efficiency while transitioning or consolidating environments. 

Migration and Consolidation - A methodology proven over two decades supported by industry leading tools to discover, correlate and provide insights into a technology and business  environment.  Unique workflow management and reporting capabilities.

Cloud Cost Optimization - A comprehensive approach to eliminating waste and unnecessary costs using a combination of insights, cost scrums, accountability and dashboards.

CloudLogic was founded by industry recognized proven leaders with the vision to create a comprehensive suite of services to address the changing needs of today’s IT organizations as they balance traditional and cloud environments.  CloudLogic helps envision and bring to life solutions to support our clients when they have opportunities, challenges and events in their business. Cloud and hybrid data center strategy, transformation and migration are core to our business.