Whether your migrating to a cloud platform or to a traditional enterprise data center, we have the industry experience and proven methodology to make your project a success.

Data Empowered Decisions

Discovery for a migration can generate thousands of data points, our tools get you close to your data so you can easily understand and model the impact of your decisions before you make them. Data driven migrations reduce risk and increase success.

Look Beyond The Platform

Build your migration approach around your applications, services, and business requirements. Know you have considered all dimensions of your environment before you execute.

Clear Priorities, Rapid Results

Empower others to act autonomously while setting clear expectations for outcomes, investment and time frames.  Start delivering results week 1 and continue throughout the program. Our workflow tools allow each resource to view the project through the lens of their role while driving to the mission of the program.

Drive Cloud Adoption In Scale

Deploying an enterprise into the cloud is different than a POC, drive migrations with precision, set expectations between the business and IT and understand the implications to applications and the operating model.

Engagement Elements

Business Benefits

Migrations range in size and complexity but one theme is consistent for all, proper diligence up front has a material ROI in execution and risk mitigation. Diligence does not need to impair the speed of a project, in fact it often helps speed up the process and can eliminate rework or post-migration issues.  Our approach has been proven across industries, technologies, platforms and destinations up to and including non-stop environments supporting 24/7 web commerce. Our methodology allows for diligence while being flexible to run activities in parallel and providing a fast lane for environments that meet the defined criteria, allowing you to realize results faster.

Industry proven methodology, tools, & reporting to manage large programs

CloudLogic incorporates tools with methodology honed over decades of successful migrations to provide real time insights to program status and risks.

Discover application and service level dependencies electronically without interference or agents

Our Discovery process utilizes non-intrusive and agentless tools to provide electronic capture of systems, applications, and dependencies at the service level. Regardless of if your applications are hosted in your data center, a colo, or public cloud.

360 degree view of asset, applications and business service interdependencies

The Analyze phase gathers critical detailed information about the technology, applications, data and business usage of the environment.  Existing data repositories and interviews are combined with the output of Electronic Discovery to produce an integrated database of the technology and  business layers of the environment.

Identify key constraints and design an approach to minimize impact and deliver results quickly

Blueprint understands your dependencies and how to reduce their impact. Determine the right hosting platform for your applications and services. Build Migration Methods, implement the right tools, and outline the right speed of execution for your success.

Have confidence in not only your plan to execute but also your plan to operate

Develop leverages a careful and detailed approach to planning and managing your migration preparations, execution, and new operational state will lead to not only a successful migration, but also successful day one.

Execute with control and precision

Execute establishes control while avoiding disruption to your business is the mark of a successful migration. Through our methods and tools you will have access to real time workflow updates and experienced consultants to guide your execution successfully.

Start thinking about the long term before you start

Optimize ensures that cloud does not cause a disruption in operational methods and tools. Weave your future state operational needs and preparation as a key workstream into your migration planning and approach from day one.