Placement delivers an application-centric algorithm designed to provide a decision tree for preferred destinations whether on-premise traditional IT, private cloud, hybrid or public cloud. Application placement is an essential part of any IT consolidation, transformation or cloud initiative. Application placement is designed to leverage the enterprise IT & cloud capabilities defined in the Cloud Enablement and the data gathered from infrastructure discovery services, enabling applications to be scored in terms of risk, ease of transition, and cloud readiness.

Data Rationalized Decisions

Today’s programs require multiple dimensions of context illustrating the opportunity, risk, business unit priority, the complexities of execution and adoption. Scoring and algorithms drive results and consensus in complex environments.

Across 6 dimensions

Placement compares different transformation and migration options, in addition to potential destinations to develop an optimal path for applications within a given program, comparing 6 different focus areas from risk to business case.

Focus like a Supply Chain 

Empower others to act independently while setting clear expectations for outcomes, investment and timeframes.  Start delivering results week 1 and continue throughout the program.

Drive at the pace of business

Application Portfolio transformation to integrate cloud capabilities happens at different rates and with different priorities. Placement is designed to support iterative cycles using workflow affinities to prioritize change opportunistically.

Engagement Elements

Business Benefits

Placement helps develop and document the priority, focus, and risk of applications being considered for transformation or cloud services. Using a client specific decision tree, Placement provides the context to understand where applications will operate efficiently while providing the tools to compare “what if” scenarios. Once agreed upon, it provides a clear path for understanding which applications should migrate and where they are in the priority list, providing IT with the tools to lead the business into a cloud program. DCS will help the organization to deliver clear recommendations along with potential risks to empower decisions.

Develops a Decision Tree for application viability

Placement makes transparent the decisions for applications being considered for transformation and/or cloud platforms and the key tests that are impacting their final distribution

Measures impact of different transitions to the cloud to the overall program in a supply chain format

Placement enables “what if” scenarios to be considered to meet time, budget or business deadlines while viewing resources both internal and external as capacity to be managed in a supply chain construct

Prioritizes applications using all of the available data

Placement is designed to analyze multiple sources of data to support clear and transparent rationale for recommendations and methods for transformation

Designed to develop the priorities to a larger program for Data Center and Cloud transformation

Placement is fully integrated into a transformation program, designed to help enterprises consolidate, transform and/or migrate to improved data center and cloud services

Provides a macro level view of the application portfolio and
their recommended destinations

Placement enables an enterprise application portfolio to be charted by destination and/or transition method, to better manage project costs and capacity