Industries Powered By CloudLogic

Our team has experience across many major industries, CloudLogic understands though that certain industries demand experience in managing the needs of highly regulated, uninterruptible, and unique environments. Our team members have deep experience in each of the following industries:


Banking, Insurance, Investment, or Payment processing organizations are key to the economy and operate under highly regulated and audited compliance requirements. Our team members have worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world where zero downtime is not just a requirement but a lifestyle.

Health Care

Our team has extensive experience within the health care industry, whether your a care provider,  educational or research institution, service or technology provider, pharmaceutical, or insurance provider we understand the many compliance factors your organizations face and the unique technology requirements necessary to run your operations. We can help you succeed in defining and implementing your IT strategy.

Public Sector

Federal or Local Government,  our team has experienced it. Our team has engaged in a wide variety of projects ranging from the Department of Defense, to State Institutions, to Universities. The diverse needs of the public sector can be addressed through our experience and methodology.


Our team has worked with first class higher education providers to build solutions around both legacy and next generation solutions.Our team and methodology are built to consider the particular needs of universities, teachers, researchers, and students.


Efficiency in cost and value are critical to any manufacturing entity, our team has experience in bringing value to clients seeking to use cloud to increase value and reduce cost. Our team has deep experience in Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen methodologies in working with, automotive, medical device, aerospace manufacturers to name only a few.


Retail is an industry facing disruption at every turn in today's economic climate. Building and executing an IT Strategy with our team's experience will help you succeed in reducing cost and increasing value to help your organization grow in a tumultuous market.