Discovery Services

The discovery process is about more than finding information, its about how you use it.

Context Dimensions

Quality, depth, and breadth of the Discovery phase is a key indicator for a successful transformation or migration. Several dimensions of context must be collected to properly analyze and plan for your project.

Flexible Approach

No two organization are alike, our approach to discovery is flexible and adjusted for your needs, technologies, and goals. Our method will reduce risk, impact, and effort while producing results.

Use the right tools to meet your goals

Around every corner is another tool claiming to meet all your needs. We bring the right experience to help you select the right toolsets for your objectives and the right expertise to deploy and manage them through the life of your project.

Look Beyond Your Workloads

A thorough discovery process should look beyond your workload and general network dependencies. Our tools will help you see into services and applications to understand deep dependencies and our methods will help you view impact from the perspective of your business users.

Engagement Elements

Business Benefits

Gather critical detailed information about the technology, applications, data and business usage of the environment.  Existing data repositories such as asset management libraries, CMDB’s, business continuity and resiliency plans are combined with physical and electronic discovery to produce an integrated database of the technical through the business layers of the environment.

Existing Data

Existing documentation and data are collected and integrated with the other discovery elements.


Client stakeholders and SME’s will be interviewed to capture contextual information that cannot be gathered electronically.

  • Interviews of architects and strategic project owners to understand application architecture, strategic initiatives, and future state planning
  • Collaborate with application owners and developers to develop transformation requirements and impact assessments,
  • Connect with operations leaders and appropriate business owners to document business impact, resource constraint, and green zones

Electronic Discovery

The right tools for the results you need

  • Our flexible approach allows you to use our tools or bring your own, we will work with you and your team to determine the right tools for the results you need.
  • Discover beyond the workload and basic network communications. Through our toolset see dependencies at the service level.
  • Understand your infrastructure and opportunities for transformation

Enterprise Services

View the entire enterprise across multiple hosting platforms and core services that drive your technology platforms

  • Identify hosting platforms, associated capabilities, and external dependencies
  • Map key technology services and tools that drive your technology and business processes


Discover multiple dimensions of infrastructure and application context illustrating the patterns, relationships, opportunities, risks, and pitfalls in complex environments.

  • Consolidation of all key data elements (Documentation, Discovery, Context, Enterprise Services)
  • Gain Perspective on critical dependencies and their coupling with business process
  • Develop a view into transformation candidates and potential technology risks