Arcus Technology
Customer Analytics

Customer Challenge

Arcus Technology is a growing technology services and consulting company. As a part of providing their customers with world class solutions and technical expertise, Arcus is also known for the in-depth analysis capabilities and has developed an in-house data analytics application supporting engagements and automation of their deliverables.  As Arcus grows, their scale requirements have increased. They turned to CloudLogic to help them migrate their custom developed Microsoft based analytics application to a secure, flexible environment where access and data can be restricted to protect client data for consulting projects, while also enabling access from anywhere in North America.


CloudLogic proposed an AWS based environment utilizing Microsoft tools and services to support Arcus' rapid change and growth requirements. Proposing Amazon Workspaces enables their consultants to access Arcus' data analytics front-end  data visualization engine to interact with their Analytics engine, hosted on a Windows based EC2 instance utilizing IIS on Windows Server 2016. The analytics engine utilizes Active Directory as the primary authentication solution for application users to facilitate MFA and single sign on requirements.  The Analytics engine utilizes Microsoft SQL Server hosted on a another EC2 instance to process and store data.  Snapshots of the SQL database are stored initially on EBS and migrated to S3 as an additional layer of data protection, in alignment with AWS WAF. Completed customer analytics outputs are developed and stored on S3, while accessible through the application and modeled in the data visualization tools.


CloudLogic delivered for Arcus Technology a scalable, secure and innovative application and analytics solution to support their expanding business, accelerate time to completion, and innovate their services through designing and deploying their Microsoft on AWS solution