Cloud Cost Optimization

TruCompass.Maintain© Cloud Cost

TruCompass.Manage© Cloud Cost is designed to help IT organizations measure, identify, and target waste within specific public cloud providers. With today's average cloud deployment losing 35% of cloud cost to waste, Cloud Cost optimization is the top priority for IT organizations who have already started adopting cloud in scale.

Data Empowered

Tools provide specific insights through analysis of both the public cloud provider billing and electronically discovering usage through an API. Recommendations are built off of real world usage.

Eliminate Waste
in Many Forms

Waste in cloud comes in several forms, whether mis-sized workloads have a higher cost basis, data is left in higher cost storage types than necessary, or a platform is misconfigured. Significant savings can be realized through a routine analysis of cloud costs and an interative approach to cloud configurations.

Clear Priorities,
Rapid Results

Empower others to act independently while setting clear expectations for outcomes, investment and timeframes.  Start delivering results week 1 and continue throughout the program.

Keep Up to Date as
Public Cloud Evolves

Amazon Web Services (AWS) consistently changed its pricing model in 2017 with several major pricing changes and almost daily minor pricing changes. With the complexity of cloud cost increasing, cost analysis can identify situations where the decisions made yesterday, no longer are preferred today.

Engagement Focus

Business Benefits

RightScale estimates that the average public cloud instance wastes $0.35 for every dollar spent. With IT organizations so focused on how to transition and integrate cloud services with their businesses applications, cloud cost optimization is often overlooked. With so much opportunity to eliminate waste, a combination of tools and consulting allows an organization to not only target inefficiency, but also to keep current on changing trends, shifting the operational focus to being opportunistic about passing cost savings through to the business.

Measure real world usage and chart cost priorities

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost empowers key cost decisions through a charting of real world usage and a focus on the largest opportunities first.

Simple, actionable recommendations

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost highlights and recommends specific per instance actions to mitigate the identified inefficiency. In some cases, the action can be push button simple.

Stay up to date with pricing changes

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost allows end users to run "what-if" scenarios based upon the most current pricing changes, allowing IT to continually provide cost savings insights.

Shifts focus from static operations to opportunistic enablement

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost helps IT shift its focus from a static operations support model to one of opportunistic enablement for the business.

Cloud Cost Optimization