Using the right tools will get your transformation off to the right start. The market is packed with tools that have varying capabilities. We can help you align to and utilize the right tools to meet your objectives. 

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Context Dimensions

Quality, depth, and breadth of the Discovery phase is a key indicator for a successful transformation or migration. Several dimensions of context must be collected to properly analyze and plan for your project.

4 Dimensional View

illustrate key decisions across 4 dimensions, including Value, Risk, Impact & Cost, to drive quick results and success.

Clear Priorities, Rapid Results

Empower others to act independently while setting clear expectations for outcomes, investment and timeframes.  Start delivering results week 1 and continue throughout the program.

Drive cloud adoption in scale

Deploying an enterprise into the cloud is different than a POC, drive adoption internally, set expectations between the business and IT and understand the implications to applications and the operating model.

Engagement Elements

Business Benefits

Many organizations who deploy to cloud fail in their preliminary attempts. In fact, Gartner estimates in 2015 that 95% of private cloud initiatives failed to achieve their goals. IDC in 2017 estimates that 53% of enterprises are considering taking workloads out of the cloud or already have. Success in Cloud requires a deep understanding of which technology platforms and services to invest in and which to avoid. With years of helping large and small organizations deploy to cloud, DCS, will help your organization establish a cloud environment that enhances your current IT capabilities rather than replacing them.

Prioritize Key cloud platforms that support regulatory and functionality requirements

Analysis of Enterprise Services

Develop a unified cloud architecture to support one or more cloud providers


Aggregate enterprise data spread across multiple cloud and SaaS providers

Review Existing Data

Standardize consistent monitoring, metering, and reporting across cloud providers

Electronic Inventory

Deliver measurable results in a shorter time

Electronic Mapping

Align and Fund to a master plan