Program Builder

Program Builder

Program Builder helps enterprises design an enterprise cloud transformation program, develop a cloud portfolio of services, create a cloud center of excellence and plan for a large scale cloud transformation and migration program. 

Massive Scale,
Iterative Execution

Enterprises do not transition to the cloud all at once. Program Builder is designed to take a Cloud strategy and deconstruct a massive transformation program into an iterative framework.

Enterprise Control,
Flexible Operating Model

Program Builder accelerates rapid cloud enablement through governed enterprise standards and platforms while promoting innovation and software lifecycles.

Flexible Scale,
Just in Time Efficiency

Program Builder builds a supply chain model to support a large scale transition program balancing financial investment, resource availability, business constraints and opportunity

Data Driven Decisions,
Designed for the Business

Program Builder develops a dynamic data model, to make decision impacts clear and straightforward. "What If" scenario models illustrate the cascading impacts of some decision to make priorities transparent and manageable.

Engagement Focus

Business Benefits

Enterprises seeking to evolve to a cloud portfolio of services require a transformation program designed to integrate a complex portfolio of services, coordinate business unit consumption, promote repeatable standards, and highlight trends and analytics to constantly evolve. Program Builder is designed to enable business agility while developing standards through a cloud center of excellence, promoting a closed loop feedback system for IT evolution with the business.

Optimize resources and bottlenecks to accelerate program results

Program Builder aligns all of the resources (human, technology, functional capabilities) of the program into a supply chain framework to manage capacity, speed and program requirements.

Promote Business, IT and Program resource integration to simplify program management

Program Builder enhances communication between the lines of business, IT and program transitional resources to reduce risk, shorten timeframes, and promote opportunism.

Improves quality through repeatable scale without inhibiting innovation

Program Builder develops a Cloud Center of Excellence to promote and adopt repeatable services, while promoting evolutionary innovation in cloud services and standards.

Improve alignment to corporate goals

Program Builder enables a program to be designed around specific budget and cash flow constraints, LOB or Enterprise timeframe requirements or to support specific compelling events.