Cloud Portfolio Management

Cloud Portfolio

TruCompass.Manage© Cloud Cloud Portfolio Management is a residency solution that enables Medium to Large Enterprise IT Organizations to remain strategic in their continuing evolution of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services. Using a portfolio approach to driving rapid scale, IT organizations are able to balance risk management, repeatable scale, and cost optimization.

Model cloud 
usage and patterns

A portfolio prioritizes how to balance growth, risk, and costs while creating opportunities for growth. Model cloud usage and adoption patterns to focus additional investment, whether a DevOps workflow or a commercial software platform running in IaaS. When combined with TruCompass.Optimize Cloud.Cost, Cloud Portfolio Management delivers Comprehensive insights for an enterprise managing a complex multi-cloud deployment.

Capture insights and
develop opportunities

At the center of any enterprise Cloud program, lies Cloud enterprise architecture providing repeatable solution patterns to guide the business into mature solutions. 

Get in lockstep
with the business

Cloud Portfolio Management works closely with multiple business unit stakeholders to identify areas of opportunity between IT, public cloud providers, and the BU consumers. Deep Analysis of current and under adoption solution patterns, along with their current models of deployment creates opportunities to simplify and harder solution patterns.

Stay ahead of the curve as
Cloud Capabilities Iterate

As public clouds grow, the number of new services available are exponentially increasing. Cloud Portfolio Management provides recommendations to engage key services that can impact enterprise time to service and bottom line costs. 

Engagement Focus

Business Benefits

RightScale estimates that the average public cloud instance wastes $0.35 for every dollar spent. With IT organizations so focused on how to transition and integrate cloud services with their businesses applications, cloud cost optimization is often overlooked. With so much opportunity to eliminate waste, a combination of tools and consulting allows an organization to not only target inefficiency, but also to keep current on changing trends, shifting the operational focus to being opportunistic about passing cost savings through to the business.

Residency Program to provide long term insights

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost empowers key cost decisions through a charting of real world usage and a focus on the largest opportunities first.

Models usage, patterns and focus areas

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost highlights and recommends specific per instance actions to mitigate the identified inefficiency. In some cases, the action can be push button simple.

Integrates business focus with IT investment

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost allows end users to run "what-if" scenarios based upon the most current pricing changes, allowing IT to continually provide cost savings insights.

Promotes key emerging capabilities and technologies

TruCompass.Manage™ Cloud cost helps IT shift its focus from a static operations support model to one of opportunistic enablement for the business.